Heart Sounds US announces a new partnership!

A New Beginning… The Paibona Seed Secondary School.  “My Education, My Shield”

Heart Sounds US continues to expand its’ initiatives of supporting women and children through our work with the Paibona Seed Secondary School. Hoping to serve 1000 students, the community has begun to build a solid and sustainable foundation for their future. Located in Paibona Sub- County, a remote part of Gulu district in Northern Uganda, the school construction is well underway and needs your help.

The Paibona Seed Secondary School.  “My Education, My Shield”

Volunteer teachers at the Paibona Seed School

What can I do?


  • Follow our progress
  • Encourage others to get involved
  • Find out more about the school and its’ community
  • Partnerships with classrooms to build connection and friendships


 Here are some example of how your funds will be used:

  • To  build the school   (classroom and administrative building and , playgrounds)
  • Cement@                      $2500
    • Bricks @.                      $1500
    • Timber@                       $1700
    • Iron Sheet@                 $2000
  • School resources/ supplies
    • Desk                              $40
    • Table                             $120
    • Textbooks                      $1,500
    • Stationery                      $1000
    •  Laptops                         $500
  • Direct student support (uniforms, stationary, tuition)
    • Uniforms ( each)                   $100
    • Tuition  per term                     $50
    • Lunch per term@                    $30

“It’s only through education that this cycle of perpetual poverty can be broken.”—Benard Tabu

Be part of the conversation- Contact us for more ways to make a difference at  news@heartsoundsus.org.

 Please consider a donating to the Paibona Seed School effort by visiting our website at www.Heartsoundsus.org .

Thank you for your consideration.

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